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Pura + Dominican Republic.

Hello again.
After a rather ( VERY ) stressful morning, I got to go to the city and saw MOMA which was awesome ( reminded me of Furu ).
Got to go to Kinokunia after- yes. OMFG, the city one.
It's changed a lot. It's a lot more anime-involved now, and they changed where the music section was. Bought Diru + Meev's new single, aswell as a SHOXX magazine with...PURA ON THE COVER o_o. Yeah- I was happy.
Ryutaro looks amazing, they all do. 'Dashi has the front piece of his hair blached and hanging over one eye. The article inside about them shows them all in and out of vis kei attire depending on the page. Their new Vis kei looks are amazing. Taro has smeared black lipstick and wears clothes that look like their made of spider webs. He's amazing. And it came with a fucking poster. HELL YES. I was so happy.
There was the Dominican Republic parade today in the city...yeah. I wanted to KILL someone. Everyone was shoving me around like a ragdoll and being so fucking LOUD. SHIT.
People are rude, fucking, IDIOTS. I hate them.
I wished to death I could just shoot anyone that pissed me off. I would have raddled off every person at that parade I swear.
Anyway, yeah. The SHOXX mag inspired me to go home and mess with my hair. I covered it with hair spray and teased my bangs and side pieces, it looks a lot better now that it's super short. The fact that it's purple doesn't hurt.
Once that was done I decided to put on the gothiest/jrock-esqe outfit I own and pose infront of my mirror for like...15 minutes.
Then I remembered Elisabeth currently has my camera.
Yar- I can't even cam whore. I kinda got all dolled up for no reason.
I'm really excited for Dalin's party. I NEED to get out of this house.
Man. Summer's insanely boring.
ACK. I'm gonna get in my pj's now.
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