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Gotta help me out.

The babyshower went better then expected. No one was even that interested in the baby to be honest...Nice suprise. Hung out with Ally a lot. That was awesome. I love that girl to death.
Saw AJ for a split second but then he had to leave cuz there were no boys at the BS. He kind of waved at me and then looked uncomfortable being around so many girls. It was funny.
We played some SIMS on Ally's comp. That was awesome too. The after party was the best though cuz TOSHI WAS THERE! He showed up and gave me a copy of his 'debute single' as I like to call it x3;
He told me he's going back to Japan in a few months- but he promised me that we'd keep in touch so I was happy. I love his music, he sounds like Gackt I swear.

In other news my cosplay is coming along swimmingly. The outfit it completely done and I actually feel very very satisfied and proud.
It's a pink tube dress with a pink and gold band around the middle with triangular pieces hanging down that are painted with designes. At the top of the tube dress there's...ahhh anyway I don't want to describe it anymore. I'll post some pics on my other LJ when I'm all done with the headpiece. Hopefully that will successfully be finished in the next 2/3 days.
The headpiece has been fun to make so far.

Last night was horrible. I had such bad night terrors all night- I ended up not going to bed until 4 or 5 in the morning. Everytime I closed my eyes I saw people's faces falling apart and I dreamt about the girl again with the glass fingers. I'm really getting sick of her.

I need to go read GW fanfiction to make me feel better.
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