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Cosplay meme because I can.

1. How did you find out about anime conventions?
My friend brought me to one for her birthday when I was in eighth grade.

2. What and where was your first convention?
AnimeNEXT in New Jersey.

3. How old were you at your first convention?

4. Did you cosplay at your first convention, and if so, as whom?
Toshiya/ Samara/ crazy vampire lady...o_o;

5. How many conventions have you attended presently?
Er. Hold on. AnimeNEXT 2004, AnimeNEXT 2005, AnimeNEXT 2006, Otakon 2004, Otakon 2005, Otakon 2006, Anime Boston 2006, Onnafest 2005. Nine :D

6. What was your favorite convention and why?
ANIMEBOSTON 06~!! It was the most fun convention EVER~ Becuase I had my two buddies with me and we did an awesome group cosplay as L, Raito, and Mello ( Only one person there knew who Mello was at that time ._. Those days are gone~ )

7. List all your cosplays that you've cosplayed in the past (that you can remember) and tell which one is your favorite.

AnimeNEXT 04:
*Toshiya [ Dir en Grey ].
*Samara [ The Ring ].

AnimeNext 05:
*Persicom girl xD [ Chobits ].

AnimeNEXT 06:
*Shuichi Shindou~ [ Gravitation ].

Otakon 04:
*Mitsuko [ Battle Royale ].
*Mana [ Malice Mizer ].

Otakon 05:
*Irvine Kinneas [ FF7 ].

Otakon 06:
*P-chan [ Petshop of Horrors ].
*Ritsuka [ Loveless ].

Onnafest 05:
Ritsuka again.

Anime Boston 06:
*L [ Death Note ].

8. If you have a dream convention that you want to attend, what is it?
Akon, because all the cool performers seem to go there.

9. Do you attend convention events, such as panels, karaoke, etc.?
The Masqurade and AMV contest mostly. I really just prefer to walk around at cons :3

10. Have you ever entered a masquerade? And if so as who and did you win?
Not yet. But me and Lindums are planning to for this years Anime Boston~

11. Do you buy anything in the dealer's room? If so, what do you buy?
HOLYCRAPYES. o_o; I buy a whooole lotta stuff. Jewelry, Plusies, figuriens, dolls, art books....

12. Do you buy anything in the artist alley? If so, what do you buy?
Not really. I don't know why, but it just doesn't appeal to me.

13. What is the longest distance you've traveled to get to a convention either by plane or car?
Driving the 2 hours to Otakon is always fun :D

14. Have you met your favorite English voice actor?
Well...I've seen them at panels ^^; Vic Mignogna and Scott McNeal.

15. Do you generally go to conventions with friends? Or your special someone? Or both?
Always with mah friends~! It's more fun that way.

16. Have you met a special someone at a convention and then hooked up there, or after?
hahaaa ewww no. Most people there are gross and smelly to be honest.

17. Do you regret going to any specific convention? And if so, why?
Not really. Nothing that badly happened at any of them. Maybe Onnafest just because it was small, awkward and quiet.

18. What conventions do you have planned for next year?
Anime Boston, AnimeNEXT, Conneticon, Otakon.

19. Have you made your dream costume yet? If so, who/what is it?
I don't really have a dream costume, if I did I would have made it already :D

20. Do you go by your forum name/pen name/nickname at cons?

21. Do you have a convention that's on your birthday?
I wish! None are even close.

22. What is your current favorite anime/manga? Have you cosplayed it yet?
That changes every month XD. If I like it them I will most definatly cosplay as someone from it.

23. Do you make your own costumes, thrift them, or get them commissioned, etc?
I make my own costumes by hand. I never used to, but I wanted them to be authentic and something I could be proud of. I've only recently started to do this. I made my P-chan costume completely by hand, and part of my Shuichi and Chobits cosplays by hand. Before that I usually thrifted them, and I got one commissioned. However, I plan to do everything myself from here on out.

24. Do you have any retired costumes? If any, why are they retired?
My Mitsuko Souma cosplay because it is old and frankly I can do better cosplays now :3

25. What costumes do you have planned for next year? Or if there are a lot of them, what series?
I am going as Li Shaoran from CardCaptor Sakura to AnimeNEXT 07. I am planning on making his green battle outfit.

26. Did you like this meme?
Da bomb.

27. Are you bored out of your mind because you're not at a con?
Not really. I like quiet time.

28. When is your next con?
Anime Boston.

29. Have you started any of your costumes for your next con?
I plan on starting in January.

30. Anything else I should know about you?
I am a silly monkeh.

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