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New hair.

Died my hair purple.
Like a red/purple. It looks like Die's hair which is LOVE.
I'd take a picture of it but my camera's currently MIA.
Don't know how long the color's gonna last. Read online that this brand lasts about 3 weeks. I'll probably dye it again before school starts.
I hope it doesn't look like crap after one shower. I've had that happen too many times >>;;

I'm suddenly very nervous about my Honors english project. I don't feel I'll do a very good job on it. I kind of suck at school so...yeah. I can't see how I'll do well. I'm kind of thinking 'what the fuck am I doing in honors?' I'll probably flunk out. shit.

Life is extreamly boring. I want my little brother/sister already. I bet they'll be entertaining. Everyone seems to be having an exciting summer. Bleh. I don't have anyone to hang out with. I need to get out of this house. I'm going stir crazy.

I friended Yoshiki on Myspace. He's a beautiful person, he really is. I can only hope I can grow up to be half as good as him. He plays the piano so wonderfully. He inspires me to play more.
I'm thinking about recording some of my pieces and making a Music Myspace page for them. I don't know if I'll have the guts to do it. And the guy that would record them is friends with my father which means that the baby's gonna stop my musical career for a while. Figures >>;.
Shit. I'm a bad person.

..I really need to get out of this house.
God. I hate nightime.
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