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I will never be a memory.

Omfg. I live.
Otakon went as well. I got a lot of pictures taken of me which was awesome. Friday night was the most fun I think. Saturday was a lot of standing around on lines and getting my wings hit by obnoxious people >>;;
Seriously, the Otakon people really pissed me off this year. They were just rude fucktards who didn't know how to minuver around others.
Anywhoo yeah. No one really cosplayed this year which was weird, I was the only one cosplaying. It made me feel really self concious.
Having a really delicate looking cosplay kind of robbed me of getting glomped so for my next cosplay I wanna be an uber bishounen.

I just watched ADVENT CHILDREN for the first time last night and I've totally fallen in love with the character Reno ::points at above Icon:: He's amazing and I'd love to cosplay him, but he's totally overdone unfortunatly.
Oh- I also got photoshop back. WOOT.

Yeah. In other news I'm being rushed right now so I'm gonna have to wrap this up. I have Tae Kwon Do + Kick Boxing tonight so that should be awesome.
I chopped more of my hair off last night, I'm planing on dying it purple tomorrow.

oh and SNAKES ON A PLANE. AUGUST 18TH. Be there.
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