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New layout.

Pretty new layout by shuifuusha
Made another journal today, a cosplay journal this time. Used the same person for that layout. It's Aoi from Gazzette with 'ENVY' written around him in green.
Here's the name volatile_fuxx
Lovely name eh?
In any event the layout's simply gorgeous.
I accidently chose a sponsered accound for my new lj. That = ANNOYING AS HELL.
For someone as anal as me it's really hard to deal with. There's adds everywhere. It completely mars the layouts appearance. ARG.

In other news my fingers are covered in krazy glue which is aweful. The keys keep slipping under my fingers and it's kind of hard to type. Gah. The headpiece is almost done though. However, it's incredibly unbalanced.
I need to find a solution to that.
Dalin's coming over tomorrow so we'll hopefully have a ghetto photoshoot so I can post some pics on aformentioned cosplay journal.

Wrote a new piano piece this morning. It's been a while since I did that. I'm really pleased with how it turned out- I can definatly hear my playing improving. As soon as it's perfected I'll start playing it around. Don't got a title for it yet though.

The Killers are a really awesome band. Just had to say that- why didn't I get into them sooner?
I'm totally obsessed with the song "All the things that I've done"
it is ::love::

Can't wait for tomorrow, can't wait for Otakon. Can't wait to see Deven and for Lindy to come back.
This summers going well so far.
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