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Anima Mea.

Hello world. I am back again.
Things are going a little bit better for me lately.
Started working on my new cosplay. It's 'The Bird of Paradise' from Petshop of Horrors. It's a rather...ambitious costume to say the least. I've never attempted anything this complicated before but so far I'm liking the results. Though I don't really know why I bother considering that Kathryn's costume always blows mine out of the water. Best case scienerio we don't have to meet up with her and Victoria and I can maintain some semblence of pride.

I'm headin' out to AC Moore in about an hour to buy some things I need to sculpt the head piece. I'm also making the dress part today which means I gotta bust out the ol' needle and thread. Woot.

Anyway- yeah. I'm gonna go watch the Avatar DVDs Pilar lent me.
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