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Blood work and crying.

I don't like hospitals.
I don't like needles.
and I REALLY don't like people shoving things up into areas I'm not used to >>;

Went to the gynocologist today to get some blood work done and to have my cervix examined.
The doctor came to the conclusion that I might be anemic aswell as having a thyroid disorder ( wow. I am developed well, aren't I ? )
Being anemic would explain the fatigue and dizzyness. The thyroid disorder would explain the sudden weight loss and difficulty eating.

She said I might have to go on birth control to regulate my blood flow/menstrual cycle. Needless to say my mother was not pleased with this decision -_-
I don't know how I feel about it- I'm kind of numbing myself to this whole situation.
The test results will be back on thursday, so I guess we'll know what's wrong with me then.
Getting my cervix examined hurt so fucking much. As soon as my doctor left the room I started crying. It literally felt like someone was violating me with a knife. My doc. looked a little concered that it hurt so badly, but didn't mention it. Then, of course, the blood work was terrific. I am so goddamn afraid of needles- they took so much blood...

In a few weeks I have to go back for a sonogram. They're going to Xray my stomach to see if I have any infections or internal bleeding.
I just can't wait. v.v

I am so sick of my body working against me...
at least I got to stay home the rest of the day...

I'm going to tae kwon do at 7. That'll probably make me feel better.

- Phobia_parade.
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